July 14, 2011
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J.K. Rowling’s Deleted Harry Potter Character

After being MIA for the last few weeks due to an extended family reunion over the Fourth of July weekend, I am finally able to resume blogging. In honor of the final film release for Harry Potter, and because amid mowing the three foot tall weeds in my front yard I’m beta reading a few manuscripts and revising my own novel, I’m going to share a College Humor post :

An early manuscript of the Harry Potter saga recently revealed the many revisions the novels went through before publication. Of the changes, most notable is a fourth main character, Kenny Nesbit, completely absent from the final draft.

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  1. Kim

    I like Kenny! I wish they kept him in!

  2. Nancy Thompson

    Ah, so even the great ones have to revise the crap out of their work, killing their darlings when they just don't make the grade. I feel better.

    Cool post. Nice blog. New follower here.

  3. Jackie

    This is hilarious!
    Ch. 19 is my fave. 🙂
    Thanks for the laughs!!!

  4. Sarah Ahiers

    first off, love this. Second and OT – Congrats on winning the mystery agent pitch contest! A full request for a prize is awesome!

  5. Mark Fenger

    Wow, some of the writing in those early drafts is awful!

    "…We searched the entire area, except for the spooky old haunted house that no one goes in to, ever, for any reason."

    Might as well hang a neon sign telling the reader "He's in the haunted house!"

    Is this legit? Cause if it is it makes me feel better about my own writing, while helping me realise why it took her so long to find an agent.

  6. Mark Fenger

    Ahh, I see, I should have read further, it wasn't entirely obvious after the first half page that this was simply humour. I blame the blurry small font for tiring my eyes out. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    you guys. this isn't real.

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