May 13, 2011
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Angry Robots Steampunked Kindle Contest

 Angry Robots is hosting a contest to win a kindle decked out in a Steampunk skin.

 Contest closes midnight on May 15th

An excerpt from their website: 

Send us your examples of cool Steampunk stuff – maybe it is a photo of you in your leather and copper get up, or a picture of a day-to-day item that you have converted into a glorious piece of Steampunk tech. Maybe it is a quick sketch you jotted down in a notebook. Hell – it could even be a Steampunk inspired song you have written and performed – or perhaps a Haiku that has been spinning round the inside of your skull for the last few months.

Pretty much anything Steampunk is eligible. Except – and this is important – for novels or short stories. 

And don’t forget the subjective clause:

The best submission will win the Kindle.

Does anyone else hate subjective opinion contests as much as I do?  I hope so. 
Coming up, Groundwire’s first contest! 


Who is Kimberlee Turley?

Kimberlee Turley grew up in California where she earned a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in 2005. Soon after, she married her husband, who was neither Mr. Darcy nor Edward Cullen, but he’d read her atrocious first novel and said it was “good” with a straight face.

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