February 24, 2012
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Can Twilight Save America?

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This was too funny not to share! 


  1. Connie Keller

    Thanks. That gave me a laugh. 🙂

  2. Jackie

    LOL. Cute. I want a starter kit! 😀

  3. Peggy Eddleman

    That was hilarious! I loved the "This is what Stephenie Meyer made on Tuesday" graph. So fun!

  4. Brinda

    Too funny! Yes, there has already been a zombie love story written.

  5. Lydia Kang

    OMG, that was hilarious. That guy did a very good Obama!

  6. erinjade

    AHAHAHA! this is hilarious.

  7. Margo Berendsen

    A list of ways to build sexual tension between characters… awesome…. former CIA agents turned graphic artists. Too funny!

  8. Anonymous


Who is Kimberlee Turley?

Kimberlee Turley grew up in California where she earned a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in 2005. Soon after, she married her husband, who was neither Mr. Darcy nor Edward Cullen, but he’d read her atrocious first novel and said it was “good” with a straight face.

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