June 17, 2011
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Cover Parodies

Hosted by Brenda Drake and Cassandra Marshall

This was so much fun I couldn’t stop at just one cover. 



This one is a quick redesign for my unpublished novel. 
(The original can be viewed on the “Note to Self” page on the left sidebar.)


  1. Ellie Garratt

    Wow. Each of those covers are stunnning. How did you get the font to look so clear, mine looks hopeless?

    Ellie Garratt

  2. Tony Benson

    All of these are great. Duff is so gross it's fabulous, and both of your covers for Note To Self are perfect for the story you've described.

  3. Jamie Corrigan

    You did great! Loved the cover for Hunger Games! Good job!!

  4. Libby

    The Hunger Games definitely made me chuckle!

  5. Weaver

    Wow, looks like you really how fun. That Hunger Games one made me really look closer to see what was on that tray. =D

  6. Sarah Ahiers

    These are awesome! Great job!

  7. Michaele Stoughton

    I too love The Hunger Games, and Note to Self. They are all great!

  8. Justin W. Parente

    The Hunger Games redesign is good fun. Although I wasn't fond of Divergent only because I think it could be very difficult to top that cover art. It's phenomenal.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lori M. Lee

    These are great! I especially like The Red Pony, and the Hunger Games is clever.

  10. Unknown

    Those are awesome! We do something like that at the University library every year; it's called the "Edible Books Contest." Everyone turns a book into an edible work of art (usually cake). It's a hoot.

  11. Michael Di Gesu

    Wow, these are a lot of cool covers.

    It's nice to meet you K. I hopped over from the contest. I really enjoy meeting new and creative people.


  12. Steven W

    The hunger games one made me laugh and made me want to eat something … then I saw the DUFF book and decided never to eat again.

    Thanks for the laugh

  13. Brenda Drake

    Oh. My. Gawd. The Hunger Games and The Duff redesigns cracked me up. Love your covers. Excellent job! 😀

  14. Anstice Brown

    These are all really good, I especially like the Note to Self one.

  15. Jackie

    Love them! Great work!

  16. E. Arroyo

    LOL. Awesome!

  17. J.C. Martin

    Poor toasted Dough Boy! And the DUFF cover made me chuckle! Excellent work!

  18. Shelley Sly

    These are hilarious! I'm glad I found your blog. 🙂

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