November 17, 2012
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Express Yourself

It’s Express Yourself time!

This week’s subject… 
post a pic of your work area, writing, cubicle, craft, etc. Then explain what it is that you do.

  This is my writing workspace. I like to sit cross legged on the cushions or I’ll lean against the arm rests with my legs sprawled toward the corner. I change positions about every hour and the cat moves to wherever the laptop was sitting last. 

I spend the reset of my time at our yogurt store. My various activities revolve around making phone calls, coordinating networking events, graphic design for our Facebook page, and a very little bit of “sampling” the yogurts.  


  1. Connie Keller

    It's always fun to see where other people write. Your spot looks comfy, and I love that the cat wants the warm laptop spot.

  2. Jackie

    Smart cat! 😀
    And your writing space looks cozy.
    At the yogurt store, I'd have a hard time staying away from the vanilla goodness.

  3. Unknown

    Your lounge looks warm and comfortable!

  4. Laura Clipson

    Ooh sampling the yogurt, that sounds like a fun job! I love your writing area too, very laid back 🙂

Who is Kimberlee Turley?

Kimberlee Turley grew up in California where she earned a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in 2005. Soon after, she married her husband, who was neither Mr. Darcy nor Edward Cullen, but he’d read her atrocious first novel and said it was “good” with a straight face.

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