December 12, 2011
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Gift Card Fun

This was just so awesome, I had to share.

Target gift card with free Legos.

I was at Target and saw this in the toy section. (It is not by the front counter with all the other gift cards.) I threw it into my basket, wondering how much it was going to cost extra at the checkout. Turns out, the Legos are FREE with purchase of gift card. I asked the clerk if there was a minimum amount I needed to put on the card.

She gave the the accompanying eye roll for the, “Why do I get the customers with the dumb questions when they’ve got three people in line behind them,” question. 

According to her, I can put whatever amount of money on the gift card I want.

*Evil maniacal laugh*

I plan to include it in my husband’s Christmas stocking. He may be an adult, but I know he likes toys just as much as my young cousins and nephews. And since it’s free, if he gets tired of it after the first ten minutes, I have no problem tossing the pieces like I do with Happy Meal toys. Then he can use the money on the card to buy something he wants more instead. (Probably peanut M&M’s or a bag of mini Reeses candies.)

Folds into a small “book”


  1. Anonymous

    This is great! I'll definitely check out Target for them 🙂

  2. Sarah Ahiers

    how awesome is that?! I totes want some legos to play with!

  3. julie fedderson

    Target is the best. Legos are way better than that crazy crap they stick in Happy Meals now.

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