March 16, 2012
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It Really Sucks!

My vacuum cleaner, I mean, not my birthday which has been more than AWESOME!
I turned 27 today. Nothing special about the number really. At 25 my insurance company lowered my premium. Apparently even though I’ve held a commercial driver’s license since I turned 19 and actually got paid to drive a 40 foot vehicle loaded with children in it, I’m still a higher insurance risk than a 21- year-old married man.So sexist and unfair.
So, my husband has this thing about giving me birthday and Christmas gifts—which is that they should be mostly impractical.
Last Christmas, I told him I wanted a new vacuum cleaner. He scoffed, “I’ll buy you a new vacuum cleaner on a Tuesday.” 
I replied, “What if it’s the Dyson DC25 All Floors Ball vacuum, and it costs 400  dollars?” 
We went out and bought the vacuum, on a Wednesday. Then “for Christmas” he ordered a bunch of books from my Amazon wishlist.
 For my birthday, any gift has to be *especially* frivolous. It took some thought since I really do like getting practical gifts, especially books,  but I know its less exciting for him to give them. Luckily,  I managed to come up with the perfect gift. 
There’s a store in the mall that always sells beautiful clothes, but I’ve never allowed myself to spend money there because they’re really expensive. (Five times what I usually spend on any clothing article.)
Now, he’s not foolish enough to go buy me something off the rack and hope I’ll like it, so he went with me to the store and sat in the waiting room while I tried on a bunch of skirts and tops. 
The thing I might now love most about White House| Black Market is not the clothes, but how the sales representative treats you like a celebrity in the fitting rooms. 
It never gets tiring having them tell me how great my sense of style is and how everything I pick up looks fabulous on me. 
The other thing I *really* love  is that in their size range, I’m an XXS. Yes, do go see if you have anything smaller than a “0” please.
He ended up getting  me a knit maxi skirt and a silk shirt. I am now 27 and this is the first silk shirt I own. These may very well be the only clothes I own that I will actually bother to dry clean.
I feel like such a dork, especially when this is the other item I really wanted for my birthday:
Han Solo silicon ice cube tray
So, if you were me, what frivolous gift would you ask for?


  1. Brinda

    That is hilarious that you wanted the Han Solo ice cube trays. I love it! He sounds like a very thoughtful husband.

  2. Botanist

    I don't think I'd look right in a skirt, but that ice cube tray ROCKS! Pure genius 🙂

  3. Jackie

    I've always wanted to try on clothes and have a Pretty Woman moment like Vivian.

    Love the ice cube tray and shirt!

  4. Unknown

    Happy Birthday. Saw your interview on Query Tracker. Very cool.

  5. Shelli (srjohannes)

    my brother would love that ice tray!! happy bday

  6. Alex J. Cavanaugh

    Happy belated birthday!
    There's so few things I want – that's a tough question.

  7. Kim

    He's a nice hubby!

  8. Weaver

    Happy Birthday (late)! lol

    LOVE the Han Solo ice cubes. And there's nothing cuter than tiny newborn clothes. Well, except the baby wearing them.

  9. Peggy Eddleman

    The Han Solo ice tray, for sure. 🙂

    I LOVE White House| Black Market! Love, love, love. And yes, I don't buy my clothes there, because of the 5 x the price, thing. But it doesn't stop me from drooling!

  10. Creepy Query Girl

    lol- that ice cube tray is hilarious! And what a great hubs you've got! I have trouble spending money on clothes too. I hate shopping for myself. so much pressure to actually buy something:)

  11. Sherry Ellis

    Happy belated birthday! Since you like Han Solo ice cube trays, you might want to visit Williams and Sonoma. They have all kinds of unusual cookware like that.

  12. Golden Eagle

    Happy belated Birthday! 🙂

    I love the Han Solo ice tray. They seem to make a Star Wars version of absolutely everything . . .

  13. S.P. Bowers

    Han solo ice cube tray! Though silk shirts are nice….There are those star wars cookie cutters too….Hmm.

    Mostly I'm a practical present person. I keep telling hubby that I want new pots and pans for my birthday. He won't buy them because of what people will say when he tells everyone at work what he got me.

  14. Mark K

    A belated Happy Birthday to you 🙂

    Regarding the Dyson – yes, they are expensive and recently the one we have had a major malfunction with the turbo cleaning head attachment. Feeling majorly peeved, I called the free phone Dyson number on the side of the hoover. Now this machine is about 18 months old, so I'm thinking, 'I'm on a hiding to nothing here.'

    I spoke to a lovely young lady who took the machines details/code, date of purchase (rough estimate in my case), and information about the problem. Once explained, she happily told me a replacement part would be sent out free of charge, as all Dysons are covered for 5 years.

    As promised, the part arrived two days ago and once again, dog and cat hairs are no longer a problem 🙂

  15. Heather Day Gilbert

    HA–Kimberlee, just saw this and your Han Solo ice tray wish certainly takes the cake! Love it! Oh, yes, I lust after a Dyson, myself, but I've settled for a Dirt Devil. Sigh.

    And White House/Black Market? I LOVE their stuff, too! Never been in a store, but I'm pleased you own your first silk blouse! I haven't reached that milestone yet, and I'm quite a few years older than you are!

    A late happy birthday to you!

  16. Morgan

    Frivolous gift??? Hmmm… Would a whole week retreat up in a cabin to do nothing but write count? LOL.

    Funny post. You're entertaining. And new follower. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy your future posts! 😀

  17. Lydia Kang

    I'm an XS/size 0 girl too so I totally hear you on the clothes thing. That shirt is so adorable! And I totally want that ice cube tray. FTW!

  18. Jaime Loren

    This made me laugh. I was recently treated like a celebrity in a dressing room, too, and I spent A LOT of money. I've NEVER spent that much money on clothes in one day before, and it felt GREAT!!! 😀

    I love your taste, too. That shirt is gorgeous! 🙂

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