July 7, 2010
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In the fashion industry, for something to be technically considered original and  not another knock-off (since all fashion recycles itself ) the new design must have changed at least 20%. 
On the left is the original. On the right is my creation. I’ve changed the fabric, length, and removed the rosettes.  I also did not include a petticoat.

The inspiration for my design: I was given a request for a casual “beach” wedding dress with vintage inspirations. And since the dress would be for a second marriage, “standard white” was not a prerequisite.
I bought this fabric at a Wal-Mart several years ago for $2/yard. 3 yards of the swirling hibiscuses, and 1 & 1/2 of the interlocking hibiscuses.
I usually use unbleached muslin to sew the samples rather than printed fabric. However, I realized muslin costs about  $2.49/yard and I’ve got  6 plastic crates full of  uncut fabric I’ve accumulated over the years.  Definitely a win-win situation.


Who is Kimberlee Turley?

Kimberlee Turley grew up in California where she earned a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in 2005. Soon after, she married her husband, who was neither Mr. Darcy nor Edward Cullen, but he’d read her atrocious first novel and said it was “good” with a straight face.

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