October 11, 2011
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Mad Scientist Drink Bar

 Okay, if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love Halloween more than any other holiday—yes, even more than Christmas. But, I should clarify that I’m not into the scary, morbid, aspects.
A few things pertaining to Halloween usually happen every year:
  1. I will sew my own costume. It will be elaborate and unrivaled in craftsmanship, but will fail to win the local costume contest.
  2. I will spend at least $100 dollars on new Halloween decorations (this is a self-imposed restriction since I can easily spend more) and another $70+ on candy.
  3. I will host or attend one Halloween party where over half of the food must be cleverly garnished to resemble something spooky or Halloween-like.


Since this was a success at the party I hosted last year so I thought I’d share some tips for creating your own Mad Scientist Drink Bar:
 Science equipment is relatively inexpensive if you can find a local supplier. However, if you don’t have one, and have to purchase the items online, it can get pricey with shipping& handling. I’ve been very satisfied with every item I’ve purchased from American Science & Surplus. (www.sciplus.com)  Their descriptions for each item are sarcastic and funny too.
Test Tube Rack- The rack was actually not stained when it arrived, so I did a quick sand, stain, varnish job to give it the dark 19th century look I admired in the picture.
Test tubes- DO boil and sterilize these after they arrive. Then do it again. These make fun “drink shots”.
500 ml Erlenmeyer Flask- (Triangular bottom)
500 ml Borosilicate boiling flask- (Has a round, bulbous bottom)
10 ml 1/2” tubular bottles- (Uses #0 cork) Boil and sterilize before use. I filled them with mystery “potions” (drink/juice concentrates). You can let your guests uncork the bottles and use eye droppers to add flavor to  their drinks. With larger bottles you can use powdered drink mixes. Use a miniature funnel or eyedropper to fill vials.
Tongs-Kitchen or scientific. If you’re going to crush dry ice for your guests to add to their drinks, I strongly recommend the scientific tongs.
Cocktail Stirrers- Party City
Formaldehyde pumpkin in a jar- (Marshmallow pumpkin)-Walmart 

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Mold-Target, Spirit Halloween
Brain Freeze Ice Cubes
Drink labels- Spirit Halloween, Halloween City
Pick your Poison
Apply stickers at room temperature, then put the drink in the fridge to chill. If you decide to print your own labels, they may not hold up after the bottle begins to sweat once it’s removed from the fridge.


  1. julie fedderson

    Awesome! I absolutely love this idea and am stealing it for the next party I have, Halloween or not. What's the costume this year? I'm going mermaid, I think.

  2. Jackie

    Love the Mad Scientist Drink Bar! I could do this at my sons Halloween party, but use kool-aid instead. Fun!

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