March 5, 2012
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Teenage Hearthrob Blogfest

We want a list of the 7 people that you crushed on as a teen. They could’ve been teens at the time, or adults, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that teenage you wished you could’ve been a bit closer to that person.

 My “teen” years aren’t that far behind me (less than a decade) but from looking at some of the names on my list, you’d think it was twenty years.

1.  Hugh Jackman

You can’t say no to someone who can be the perfect gentleman in Kate&Leopold AND bad boy Wolverine in X-men. Okay, I know it’s all acting, but he’s really easy on the eyes, and all his money will make up for the fact that he’s seventeen years older than me.

2.  Harrison Ford.

He may be seventy, but he’ll always be sexy with that fedora or broom handle mauser–and on the silver screen, he never ages.

3. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Staring to notice a theme here.  Most of the guys I crushed on are just cute movie actors.I was THAT superficial.

4.  Legolas–not to be confused with the actor who plays him.

Long hair has never looked better on a man.

LOTR came out in my sophomore year of high school.

Lo and behold, it’s the end of the movie and the screen goes dark, Enya starts singing “May it Be” and I’m like WTH? that’s the end? My brother, who read “The Hobbit” in the fifth grade, leans over and says, “You didn’t know this is a trilogy?”

So I race to the book store and pick up my copy of Tolkien’s three-in-one set and start reading–because I have to know what happens to Legolas. I can’t wait until the next movie is released.

It took me five days to get through the 473k novel.

 5. Honorable Mention: Heath Ledger in “A Knight’s Tale”

For spots 6 and 7 I’m going to list celebrities everyone else at my school were crushing on, but whom I wouldn’t touch a 10 foot pole:

Yes I listened to your music, but there’s no way I’d ever waste a piece of binder paper scribbling my name in a heart with any of your names. It’d be an insult to trees everywhere.
The ship sunk, get over it. 

 I’ll admit I cried when I saw Titanic. It’s cruel to kill off the hero in any circumstance.

I’ve shared mine, now who are your teen hearthrobs?


  1. Connie Keller

    My teen years were a long time ago.

    But here are a couple that I remember:

    Shawn Cassidy (remember that hair?), Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Tom Selleck (Magnum PI).

  2. Dani

    OMG, OMG! You must have peaked into my diary cause your top 5 are definitely mine. 6. would be DiCaprio and 7. would be Scott Caan from Varsity Blues.

  3. Sarah Ahiers

    I totally bawled over titanic. But not over Leo. I was bawling over that old couple waiting to die on the bed, or the mother tucking her children in instead of trying to get off the ship. THAT SHIT IS SAD.
    MMM, Hugh Jackman.
    And i was a Backstreet Boys girl. They were better looking. N*Sync could suck it.

  4. Hannah

    Harrison Ford!! That's who I forgot!! Man, I love me some Han Solo/Indy. Well done.

  5. Cassie Mae

    Oh gosh, you had me at your #1 choice. Drool… I still have a poster of him on my wall. Hubs says it's okay cuz it's an X-Men poster. Win-win!

  6. Catherine Stine

    Heath Ledger was cool. I couldn't watch Titanic because water disasters freak me out! I'm over in the hop from Idea City.

  7. Theresa

    Leo was all over my walls. Loved him. And Freddie Prince wasn't too shabby either πŸ™‚ New follower *waves*

  8. vic caswell

    dude! when my hubs and i were first married i had a ummmm… romantic dream about wolverine (now the actor the character) and my hubby has never let me forget it. *red faced*

    i love that you differentiated between bloom and legolas… my oldest son wants to be legolas when he grows up.

    and i just could never get into leo or nsync or backstreet boys either!

    thanks for participating! i'm having so much fun!

  9. Jackie

    Well, you already know I crush on Hugh. Good looks combined with that accent… I'm a goner.
    Harrison was my fave in Star Wars. πŸ˜€

  10. Anonymous

    With the exception of NSYNC, I approve of this list of yours.

  11. Hope Roberson

    I picked Paul Walker after seeing She's All That πŸ™‚ I just watched XMen Origins last night and was in awe of Hugh Jackman the entire time, wow!

  12. Jaycee DeLorenzo

    Great list – they were my 20-something crushes. God, I feel old.

  13. Anonymous

    Heath Ledger…*sigh* I know suddenly have the urge to buy A knights tale movie…thanks for reminding me about it πŸ™‚

  14. Emily White

    Mmm…Harrison Ford…

    Great choice!!

  15. Heather Day Gilbert

    HA–Yes, I LOVE LEGOLAS (sp?). I only liked him blonde, not in Pirates of the Caribbean, though. Nothing like a long-haired blonde elf who can shoot ANYbody ANYwhere!

    AND, you'll be happy to know that I think I disabled the word verification on my blog, while still being able to moderate (I hope). I had to revert to the old Blogger interface to do it! But I always love your comments!

  16. Dianne K. Salerni

    My teenage years are more than a couple (hack, hack, cough) decades behind me …

    … but Harrison Ford was definitely on my list. Fan mag photos of Han Solo papered my bedroom walls!

  17. Sarah

    Sharing my teen heartthrobs just makes me feel old (like, seriously–Rutger Hauer, for example. In Blade Runner…) Anyway, you have a good list here!

  18. Lydia Kang

    Yes, yes, yes to #1, 2, and 4!

  19. Anonymous

    Oh, yeah, nice list!

  20. Anonymous

    I preferred the clean cut women but did like Blondie very very much!

  21. Heather M Bryant

    Heath Ledger (RIP) and Legolas = YES! Two of my massive favs!

  22. Golden Eagle

    I've never watched Titanic, but it does seem sad that they killed the hero.

    Interesting to see your list. πŸ™‚

  23. Alex J. Cavanaugh

    My wife thinks Jackman is THE man.
    Glad to see you're on board for the A to Z Challenge! And the IWSG – very cool.

  24. Unknown

    Visiting from the IWSG! Heath Ledger…sigh. My favorite teen heart throbs, real-life= he who must not be named, but he was the bad boy in our neighborhood. Celeb= Antonio Sabato Jr.

    Fun post!

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