October 13, 2011

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

I read PRINCESS OF THE MIDNIGHT BALL by Jessica Day George several months ago. A while later, I read Heather Dixon’s variation, ENTWINED. It was my intention to discern for myself, which author did a better spin-off of the classic fairytale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
Right from page one of Entwined, I realized picking a winner would not be easy. I gave up on the concept of comparing the two books half way through. Although they share the same premise, I still had the impression I was reading two different stories. The overlapping elements are minor enough that I honestly can’t recommend one over the other.
 Then, while traveling to California to visit my family,  I purchased THE NIGHT DANCE, by Suzanne Weyn, on a whim.  This seemed the least like a 12 dancing princesses story and more like a King Arthur adventure spin-off.
And since I’m on the topic, I absolutely adore  THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES, retold and illustrated by Ruth Sanderson. I think the illustrations in this children’s book are just gorgeous.

 Just over a year ago, I had to move from North Carolina to Florida. My hardcover copy of this book is one of three books I packed in my valuable car space and took with me, rather than letting the movers handle.  
That left me wondering: Are there any books in your home library you wouldn’t trust anyone else to transport across the country for you?


  1. Jenny

    I'm going to have read these!

  2. Lisa Marie

    That's one of my favorite fairytales. I am planning on reading PRINCESS OF THE MIDNIGHT BALL, sometime in the near future.

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