November 29, 2011
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You want fries with that?

This is old news, but Heinz has reinvented it’s ketchup packet. However, I just got to use one for the first time this weekend.
Heinz said it redesigned the ketchup packet because it’s had years of complaints that the old packet was too messy and had too little ketchup.
Now, I’m assuming most of the complaints are from people who are eating while driving, or in a car. (Because if you’re at a restaurant, there’s no excuse why you can’t get a dipping cup or use a drink lid/hamburger box/plate.)
Here’s my only biff with the new design: I still have to hold the fries with one hand and the ketchup in the other. And I guarantee I can make just as much of a mess tearing off the dipping lid as I can tearing open the corner of a ketchup packet.
So, I decided I had to give reinventing the ketchup packet a shot:
Brilliant, I know—I have worked fast food before. ^^ )
If I trust my car’s cup holder to keep 16 oz of sticky soda in its place, then I should trust it with my ketchup too.


Overall, I’ll at least agree the new Dip & Squeeze design is better than my old method for eating ketchup: sucking it straight from the packet then stuffing the French fry in my mouth and chewing. 


  1. julie fedderson

    I thought I was the only one to do the suck and stuff ketchup method. Because ketchup can totally qualify as a vegetable if you let it.

  2. Jenny

    Hahaha! Love this since I have personally seen you do the suck and stuff ketchup method.

  3. Sarah Ahiers

    Hah! Awesome! I, too, spent a few of my teen years working at McDonalds. Good times, good times

  4. Matthew MacNish

    You could make that packet. All you'd need is a hole-punch.

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